The following fees and charges may be assessed against your account:

Cashier’s Checks per check: $5.00
Chargeback Fee per item: $10.00
NSF Check Charge for Returning each item: $25.00
Daily Maximum for NSF Check Charge is five items or $125.00
Overdraft Check Charge for Paying each item $25.00
Daily Maximum for Overdraft Check Charge is five items or $125.00
Stop Payment Fee per item: $25.00
Wire Transfer Fee for Outgoing Domestic Wires for customers only: $20.00
Replacement of Debit Card: $3.00
Account Research per hour: $25.00
Hold Statements per statement: $5.00
Copy of Statement per statement: $5.00
Garnishments: $20.00
Collection Items per item: $20.00